The Supreme Court Is

An Urgent Threat to Our Freedoms.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell packed the Court with three ultra-conservative justices, each serving lifetime appointments. They created an extreme, far-right majority that is handing down decisions that will impact Americans for decades.

Now, after years of careful plotting, we just witnessed their crowning achievement: overturning Roe v. Wade and ending abortion rights as we know them.

But there’s something we can do to fight back. Congress can add four seats to the Supreme Court by passing the Judiciary Act, which would rebalance the Court, restore its integrity, and pull it out of McConnell’s clutches.

This isn’t a radical idea and it doesn’t take a constitutional amendment. Congress has already changed the size of the Supreme Court seven times in our nation’s history. It’s time to do it again.

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The Judiciary Act would restore balance to an out of control Supreme Court that’s out of step with the American people. Leaders like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Adam Schiff support expanding the Court by adding four more justices to defend our fundamental freedoms.

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The Supreme Court is coming after our freedoms.

Fight back.

Four More is a project of Stand Up America, Indivisible, and Take Back the Court Action Fund with a simple goal: ensuring Congress does everything in its power to pass the Judiciary Act. Sign up to stay involved in the fight.